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Full Version: How to check if A FILE EXISTS - sample VBA
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Sample VBA code to check if a file exists or not
returns non zero if a file exists

Function FileExists(ByVal strFile As String, Optional bFindFolders As Boolean) As Boolean
    Dim lngAttributes As Long
    'Include read-only files, hidden files, system files.
    lngAttributes = (vbReadOnly Or vbHidden Or vbSystem)
    If bFindFolders Then
        lngAttributes = (lngAttributes Or vbDirectory) 'Include folders as well.
        'Strip any trailing slash, so Dir does not look inside the folder.
        Do While Right$(strFile, 1) = "\"
            strFile = Left$(strFile, Len(strFile) - 1)
    End If
    'If Dir() returns something, the file exists.
    On Error Resume Next
    FileExists = (Len(Dir(strFile, lngAttributes)) > 0)
End Function
source : everythingaccess