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Simple example of how you can use PyWeb3D to create a basic 3D scene:

Below is a simple example of how you can use PyWeb3D to create a basic 3D scene:

from pyweb3d import Scene, PerspectiveCamera, Mesh, Renderer, Color, DirectionalLight

# Create a scene
scene = Scene()

# Create a camera
camera = PerspectiveCamera(position=[0, 0, 5])

# Create a mesh (cube)
cube = Mesh.create_cube(size=1, color=Color(0.5, 0.5, 0.5))

# Create a directional light
light = DirectionalLight(color=Color(1, 1, 1), intensity=0.5, position=[1, 1, 1])

# Create a renderer
renderer = Renderer(width=800, height=600)

# Render the scene
renderer.render(scene, camera)

This code creates a simple 3D scene with a cube mesh, a camera, and a directional light. You can modify parameters such as the position, size, and color of the objects to create different scenes. Make sure you have PyWeb3D installed (`pip install pyweb3d`) and a compatible browser to view the rendered scene.

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