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Call a Python function from Excel VBA

You can call a Python function from Excel VBA using the

function to execute a Python script or by using the
method available in newer versions of Excel. Here's how you can do it using both methods:

1. **Using Shell Function**:

Sub CallPythonScript()

    Dim pythonScriptPath As String

    Dim pythonExePath As String

    Dim pythonCommand As String


    ' Path to your Python script

    pythonScriptPath = "C:pathtoyourpythonscript.py"


    ' Path to your Python executable

    pythonExePath = "C:pathtopythonpython.exe"


    ' Construct the Python command

    pythonCommand = pythonExePath & " " & pythonScriptPath


    ' Execute the Python script

    Shell pythonCommand, vbNormalFocus

End Sub


Replace `"C:pathtoyourpythonscript.py"` with the path to your Python script and `"C:pathtopythonpython.exe"` with the path to your Python executable.

2. **Using RunPython Method**:

Sub CallPythonFunction()

    Dim pyModule As Object

    Dim pyFunction As Object


    ' Load the Python module containing the function

    Set pyModule = Application.Run("pythontools.load", "C:pathtoyourpythonscript.py")


    ' Call the Python function

    Set pyFunction = pyModule.RunPythonFunction("your_python_function_name", "argument1", "argument2")


    ' Display the result

    MsgBox pyFunction

End Sub


Make sure you have enabled the "Python for Excel" add-in in Excel to use the `RunPython` method. Replace `"C:pathtoyourpythonscript.py"` with the path to your Python script and `"your_python_function_name"` with the name of the function you want to call.

Choose the method that best fits your requirements and the version of Excel you are using.

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