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A real-time OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) generator from 1-minute Last Traded Price (LTP) data in Python

To create a real-time OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) generator from 1-minute Last Traded Price (LTP) data in Python, we need to continuously fetch the LTP data, update our OHLC values, and store or display them in real-time.

#### Importing Libraries
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import time
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
- **pandas**: Used for data manipulation and analysis.
- **numpy**: Used for numerical operations.
- **time**: Used for handling time-related tasks.
- **datetime**: Used for manipulating dates and times.

#### Class Definition
class RealTimeOHLC:
    def __init__(self):
        self.data = pd.DataFrame(columns=['timestamp', 'ltp'])
        self.data['timestamp'] = pd.to_datetime(self.data['timestamp'])
        self.data['ltp'] = pd.to_numeric(self.data['ltp'])
        self.current_ohlc = {'open': None, 'high': None, 'low': None, 'close': None}
        self.current_minute = None
- **RealTimeOHLC class**: Defines the structure and behavior for generating real-time OHLC data.
- **__init__ method**: Initializes the class instance.
  - **self.data**: A pandas DataFrame with columns `timestamp` and `ltp` (Last Traded Price). The `timestamp` column is converted to datetime format and `ltp` to numeric to ensure correct data types.
  - **self.current_ohlc**: A dictionary to store the current minute's OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) values.
  - **self.current_minute**: Tracks the current minute to determine when to update OHLC values.

#### Fetching LTP
def fetch_ltp(self):
    """Simulate fetching the last traded price from an API."""
    ltp = np.random.uniform(100, 200)  # Random price between 100 and 200
    return ltp
- **fetch_ltp method**: Simulates fetching the Last Traded Price (LTP) from an API.
  - Generates a random float between 100 and 200 to simulate the LTP.

#### Updating OHLC
def update_ohlc(self, timestamp, ltp):
    """Update the OHLC values with the new LTP."""
    if self.current_minute != timestamp.minute:
        if self.current_minute is not None:
            print(f"{self.current_minute}: {self.current_ohlc}")

        self.current_minute = timestamp.minute
        self.current_ohlc = {
            'open': ltp,
            'high': ltp,
            'low': ltp,
            'close': ltp
        self.current_ohlc['high'] = max(self.current_ohlc['high'], ltp)
        self.current_ohlc['low'] = min(self.current_ohlc['low'], ltp)
        self.current_ohlc['close'] = ltp
- **update_ohlc method**: Updates the OHLC values based on the new LTP.
  - **if self.current_minute != timestamp.minute**: Checks if the current minute has changed.
    - If it has, prints the OHLC values for the previous minute.
    - Updates `self.current_minute` to the new minute and sets the initial OHLC values (`open`, `high`, `low`, and `close`) to the current LTP.
  - **else**: If the minute has not changed, updates the `high`, `low`, and `close` values accordingly.

#### Running the Updater
def run(self):
    """Run the real-time OHLC updater."""
    while True:
        timestamp = datetime.now()
        ltp = self.fetch_ltp()
        new_row = pd.DataFrame({'timestamp': [timestamp], 'ltp': [ltp]})
        self.data = pd.concat([self.data, new_row], ignore_index=True)
        self.update_ohlc(timestamp, ltp)
        time.sleep(1)  # Fetch new data every second (simulating real-time)
- **run method**: Runs the real-time OHLC updater in an infinite loop.
  - **while True**: An infinite loop to keep fetching and processing data.
  - **timestamp = datetime.now()**: Gets the current timestamp.
  - **ltp = self.fetch_ltp()**: Fetches the simulated LTP.
  - **new_row = pd.DataFrame({'timestamp': [timestamp], 'ltp': [ltp]})**: Creates a new DataFrame row with the current timestamp and LTP.
  - **self.data = pd.concat([self.data, new_row], ignore_index=True)**: Appends the new row to the existing DataFrame.
  - **self.update_ohlc(timestamp, ltp)**: Updates the OHLC values with the new LTP.
  - **time.sleep(1)**: Waits for 1 second before fetching the next LTP, simulating real-time data fetching.

#### Main Execution
if __name__ == "__main__":
    ohlc_generator = RealTimeOHLC()
- **Main Execution Block**: Creates an instance of `RealTimeOHLC` and runs the updater.

### Summary
This script simulates a real-time OHLC generator for stock trading data using random LTP values. The key functionalities include fetching simulated LTP values, updating OHLC values, and continuously processing data in real-time. In a real-world scenario, the `fetch_ltp` method would be replaced with an actual API call to fetch real-time trading data.

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