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modify an existing order using alice blue python api

Last updated on 2 months ago
caaSuper Admin
Posted 2 months ago
To modify an existing order using the Alice Blue Python API, you typically need to follow these steps:

1. **Authenticate**:
Authenticate yourself with the Alice Blue API by providing your API key or other authentication credentials.

2. **Fetch Order Details**:
Retrieve the details of the order you want to modify, such as its order ID and other necessary parameters.

3. **Modify Order**:
Use the appropriate endpoint to modify the order. You'll need to specify parameters such as the order ID, new quantity, price (if applicable), and other relevant details.

4. **Handle Response**:
Handle the response from the API to determine if the order modification was successful. The response may include information such as the modified order ID, execution status, and any error messages.
caaSuper Admin
Posted 2 months ago
Here's a basic example of how you might implement this in Python using the Alice Blue API:

<div class="code_bbcode"><div class="clearfix m-b-5"><strong>Code</strong><a class="pull-right m-t-0 btn btn-sm btn-default" href="../../includes/bbcodes/code_bbcode_save.php?thread_id=17&post_id=36&code_id=0"><i class="fa fa-download"></i> Download source</a></div><pre><code class="language-php">from alice_blue import *

# Replace 'YOUR_API_KEY' and 'YOUR_API_SECRET' with your actual API key and secret

# Authenticate with Alice Blue API
alice = AliceBlue(username=API_KEY, password=API_SECRET, access_token_path='access_token.json')

# Fetch order details (replace 'order_id' with the ID of the order you want to modify)
order_id = 'YOUR_ORDER_ID'
order = alice.get_order(order_id)

# Modify order
if order:
 modified_order = alice.modify_order(order_id, quantity=10) # Specify the new quantity
 if modified_order:
 print('Order modified successfully:')
 print('Failed to modify order')
 print('Order not found')</code></pre></div>

Please note that this is a basic example and may need to be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the Alice Blue API and your trading strategy. Additionally, ensure that you have appropriate permissions and account balance before modifying orders through the API.
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